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Sosnowe         Zacisze

Welcome to the website of “Sosnowe Zacisze” kennel!

Our kennel is a reflection of our deep love to this beautiful breed - Bernese Mountain Dog.

Our enchantment grown with our first Bernese Mountain Dog ASTRA – as an excellent and even perfect dog for families who value self-control and commitment, together with susceptibility to education, lack of aggression towards people and other animals (cats live with us).

Bernese Mountain Dog combines all these features with the appearance of good-natured teddy bear. It can well protect the property, but it is not noisy and at the moment, when household members invite guests to home, these dogs are happy to welcome guests as well.


We have developed our kennel since 1998.
 We passed a long way, before the happy, playful puppies have grown into successful breeding dogs ready for shows.
Even though we learn this breed constantly, our dogs frequently surprise us. Nevertheless, day by day we became deeply convinced about our good selection.
What makes us unique - it’s typically home kennel in the full sense of this word. Our dogs live with us at home, take part in our daily lives and the consequences not scare us.
Time when puppies appear in the house is great fun for us. Playing with them, watch them grown and as they learn how to buck - it's a great, great pleasure. Constant contact with people has a positive effect on their psyche.

Kasia and Paweł Kozyra


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