We have puppies!!



   Our Bernese   Mountain Dogs

Actually in our kennel, being developed since year 1998 we have three female of Bernese Mountain Dog:



KAYOVA Sosnowe Zacisze – excellent female from our kennel,
 born 08-05-2009, LEGE ARTIS’s daughter (called Lodzia).
“Talking” dog, loving to sleep on the sofa together with my husband Paweł.




BEASTIE BROOKE Majowy Skarbiec – in fact great-granddaughter
of our CZAKRA,
born 23-03-2009, we call her BUSIA at home – she is a real jumper, full of verve and expression. She loves running in the forest enjoying the freedom.



    LEGE ARTIS Duch Wrzosowisk – our charming lazy female,
born 07-06-2005, we call her LODZIA,
She is the funniest dog in our kennel, “sweet and silly” girl.




CZAKRA z Deskowej Doliny –  born 09-09-2001.
Passed away in 2011, in the age of 10 years.





ASTRA Berneńskie Ranczo – born 19-09-1998 - My first, loving Bernese Mountain Dog. With her my love to this breed appeared,
Champion of Poland and World Winner in dogs veterans class in 2006.
She was perfect in terms of look and behavior. 
Passed away in the age of 10 years.




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