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             Bernese      Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dog is considered to be the most beautiful breed originating from Switzerland. This is excellent family dog​, confident, courageous and devoted to his Lord. It loves people and loves to play with children. It's good, but not noisy guardian of own territory.

About impending danger notify frugal, but unequivocal barking. Put off by the stately appearance rather than aggression.
They can not stand the summer heat, but love to bathe in the lake. They can "hours" to become immersed in water and cool his powerful body. They love to have fun, a great learning.

Just remember that weighting about 50 kilos dog can play the best and accidentally cause to falling down not only the child, but also an adult man.
They are extremely tolerant of children and other animals. I think that for their awkward charm, these beautiful and gentle giants are loved around the world.



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